Success with Online-Advertising

Special Interest Digital Ads at affordable Prices

Digital Advertising for affordable Prices

We just try to do it. So we created this form for everyone. If you are interested in online advertising in a specific topic this is the place.

Please fill out the data in the form. Please note that we bill in the European currency €. We will then convert for you at the respective exchange rate when paying. If you are interested in a larger volume, we would be happy to discuss the price with you.

Online Advertising

Your request will be answered by the responsible team in echonet support for the platform We will show you the exact low prices here in advance.

Box on start pages and subpages

The box is designed in the form you saw it on the website. Your advertisement consists of:

  • Photo / graphics (380 x 150 pixels)
  • Copyright notice (top right in the picture)
  • Headline (approx. 20 characters)
  • Text (approx. 190 characters)
  • Button text (approx. 20 characters)
  • Linking URL + title (statically linked, also has a positive effect on bots and search engines.)
Cost of the box
  • Annual operation: € 82.00
  • Setup: Free
  • 1 update per year: Free of charge